You can get your Grub Card either from the office between 10 a.m and 4:30pm or you can get them from the Cashier after 5pm.

Free Appetizer

Like us on FB and get a free zucchini appetizer when you come in and dine with us for dinner. What a great way to start your meal. Just show you like us on your device and we bring the hand-cut, hand-dipped, deep fried zucchini right to your table. Yummy!

The Best Prime Rib Ever

Oh my gosh, have you tried the Prime Rib at the Timbermine!  Everyone said it was good and it was the best.  I have had prime rib other places and it was paper thin even if it said 10 oz. the Timbermines is a huge piece of the best.  It was more than 10 oz., and the AuJus was perfect.  You can cut it with a fork and it melts in your mouth.  The mushrooms were great, I think I ate the whole bowl myself.  The sourcream for your potato, well its just as good on the bread.  Go try it yourself.  Others really are chains, the Timbermine is its own unique tasty self.

Love it.

Maura H.

“We cut the finest meats your nuggets can buy!”

Any steakhouse with a slogan like that gets 5 stars in my book. Along that theme, the name perfectly describes the decor. There is natural wood everywhere you turn. And the miners sitting around are equals to those in a ride at Disney World. To be honest, my initial reaction upon entering the building is that I was in a Haunted House. The hag at the player piano in the lobby put me over the top.

As we were led by our hostess to our table, the Haunted House feel doubled. The center of the room was practically pitch black and had a gold miner scene surrounded by fake pine trees. Each booth was nicely secluded and was lit by a fake kerosene lantern above the table with a light bulb plugged in the bottom.

Enough of the atmosphere. Now onto the food. The place is apparently known for its steaks (which are in the $20-$40 range), but I deviated from the norm and made a selection from the Specials menu: BBQ Chicken with a salad, bread, and choice of baked potato, veggies, lima beans, or fries…all for $17.95. My dining partner had The Miner – ground beef steak smothered in mushrooms and onions with a choice of the same sides…also $15.95. Our salads were actually pretty awesome. The croutons tasted like they were made fresh that day. It also included green peas and a red beet slice (neither of which I would normally eat on a salad) but slathered in their raspberry vinaigrette dressing tasted a little bit like heaven.

Next for the drinks. I don’t know much about the blue laws in Utah or in the different counties, so I may sound ignorant here, but our adult beverages had to be served and paid for separately from our food. Not a big deal, but just something to be aware of. They had a handful of local beers on tap that were served in a mug so cold, it caused ice chips to form on the top of the beer. They serve liquor and wine as well.

Service was also great. Our waitress was friendly and helpful and made our stay in the mine one to remember.

Maura H.

Joe S.

Ogden’s second best kept secret.

We ended up here for dinner one night and wow were we surprised. When we got there, the setting reminded me of a steak house that has just given up and stopped trying. We were wrong. Not only do they try, but they pull it off very well. The staff is very attentive and try to meet your every need.

I ordered the 32oz porterhouse. I’m not sure it was a steak….the size of it was insane. I think they chopped off the horns and put the whole damn cow on my plate. It was massive. It was cooked to medium rare like I ordered and it was done very well. You mix a MASSIVE steak with a comfy ambiance and a fast staff, you end up with a nice steak house that keeps bringing people back time after time.

Joe S.
Salt Lake City, UT

Rachel H.

The staff is great! The bartender and waitresses put up with a lot of craziness with our large group on vacation! The decorations are antique… but cool! I had the 8oz Gold Rush “The Tenderest Steak in the Mine” which was a bacon wrapped tenderloin: The steak was one of the best I have ever had. Very tender, great flavor! All and all, the steaks are good and worth trying!

Rachel H.
Houston, TX


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